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Teddy Bridgewater is better than me at Galaga

Disclaimer: I am a MN Vikings fan. I even had the main character in my book Killing the Man get drafted by the team.

We picked it up a week prior to Christmas as a family gift: An Atari gaming table. Those in my age demographic will remember endless hours pursuing PacMan, Donkey Kong, Frogger and all their variants. There are something like 64 games in this table.

I wasn't a huge video game addict but there were a few that wore my controllers out: Centipede, Asteroids, Gyruss and most of all Galaga. I remember having to take the joystick apart, remove the plastic inner ring that controlled motion and repair it. Glue, tape, even staples. I used all of them to extend my gaming time.

Playing it today, trying to set a new high score, I realized how much it's like playing quarterback. There are all these things coming at you. Most of them shoot, some try to corral you, and a few others will circle around behind you on their way back up. If you're too focused on shooting what's above, you'll get caught from below.

That's where Teddy really made his mark this rookie season of his. He stood strong and as the games wore on, got better and better at sensing a defender closing in behind him. It is upon this I base my premise that he would beat me should we ever play head to head.

Also, I really suck at it. My memory does not match up with my current skill level. I thought I rocked that game, folks. Now I can't even top the high score made by an extremely drunk family friend on New Year's eve.

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