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Young reader series - The Demon Hunts of Raimy Rylan



The World Serpent
Book 1

Demons roam throughout reality. They burrow into the myths and legends of our history, creating destruction wherever they go. 
Only three young heroes stand between us and the demons: Raimy Rylan, his shy cousin Piper and their wild friend Hadley. Together these three friends travel into the depths of legend, hunting and capturing and protecting us from harm. 
Now they face one of their toughest challenges yet. Jormugand, the world serpent, has emerged in the 10th century Viking era, intent on igniting a war that will spell the end of the Norse gods and all of the Nine Realms. 
Raimy and friends must travel back in time to hunt him down, fighting against berserkers, monsters and even each other. 
Can they beat a demon strong enough to bring on the doom of the gods?





"Purchased for my son and he loved it! "


"Excited to have my 11 year old read this book."


"A quick moving-action packed journey to another time. A story that left me wanting more and eager for the next adventure."

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Book 3
Chase of the Samurai
Book 2


Raimy, Piper and Hadley have returned from their last adventure, barely escaping the World Serpent. But there's no rest for these young heroes.


Uncle Abe has found another demon, in ancient Japan. The three kids must travel to the land of the samurai warrior and ninja assassin. Their mission: Stop the eight-headed demon Orochi from opening a door to the underworld, releasing an army of undead.


However, things start off bad and get worse from there. Piper is separated from the other two, alone and lost in a strange place. But that's not all. She wakes up in the house of Orochi. Can she evade him and stay alive? Will Raimy find Piper before the demon does? And what kind of trouble will Hadley cause this time around?

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite:

"Chase of the Samurai is a children’s adventure novel by Kenneth Humphrey, and is book two in the series, A Raimy Rylan Hunt. Here an established trio of adventurers, cousins Raimy and Piper and their close friend Hadley Ohafky, are recovering from an epic adventure hunting down a dangerous Viking beast. But there’s no time to rest because their next expedition takes them to the reaches of ancient Japan, where yet more deadly demons wait to be vanquished. Trusty Uncle Abe warns them of the incredible Orochi, a creature with eight heads that wishes to unleash an unstoppable army that will destroy civilization, and it’s up to the three powerful youngsters to stop this from happening.

I enjoyed the split perspective with which Kenneth Humphrey tells his tale of adventure, and the present tense narration is sure to immerse readers right in the centre of the action, which is well described and plentiful. Chase of the Samurai will prove an exciting read for its young audience, but the book also opens a door to exploring the beliefs of a totally different culture, and learning a little history along the way. I particularly enjoyed the abilities the trio of kids had and how they were put to use to overcome their various obstacles, whilst also maintaining a youthful energy and endearing naivety in their quest. The traditions of monster hunting are given a lively and modern face lift in this wholly pleasant novel, which will prove a thrilling and rewarding read for its intended audience."

First, three young heroes prevented the serpent Jorgumand from bringing doom to the Norse gods

Then, they stopped the eight-armed demon Orochi from releasing the undead on earth.

Now, see how it all began. Go back and learn how Raimy discovered his destiny. Read about his first Hunt, with his father Ben. Find out how - and why - Hadley came into the group.

A demon has possessed Hephaestus, the Greek god of fire and invention. Deep in the heart of a volcano, the demon toils, intent on creating the staff of Agamemnon. For whomever holds the staff can control entire armies. So Ben, Piper and Raimy jump back to ancient Greece. Their goal: Steal the staff before it falls into demon hands.

Can they evade the traps set by Hephaestus? Will they catch the demon and get the staff? What if they come across other gods? And what happens to Ben in the end?

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