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Tales of a thief dancer: ToTD

I started as a Loss Prevention agent for a global retail chain back in 1987, and continued in that role for two other companies through my college career. To this day, I still think of it as one of the most fun jobs I've ever held. Sure there were plenty of times when nothing happened, or paperwork drudgery had to be endured. But if you were good at your job, 15-20 times a month you'd get to engage in a game of grown up cat-and-mouse.

You'd get to hunt someone in an enclosed environment, watching them give into their base impulse, tracking them without getting caught and most importantly, informing them - a complete stranger (usually) - that you think they were a thief.

This job that I termed Thief Dancing (better than Dances with Thieves, I guess) spurred a number of great tales, weird events or just plain hilarious encounters.

So I think I'll record a bunch for posterity sake. Tales of a Thief Dancer, funny style. Right here.

Stay tuned...

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