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Vote and get a FREE book. Go, you!

My next installment in The Killing Arc thriller series is nearing publication. It will be titled The Killing Face: Blind Edition. I'm going through the final details even as we spea...err, read. In the spirit of the season, I feel like giving something away, but nothing is ever truly free.


I need help determining the back cover blurb. Below are two versions. Vote on the one you like most and in return get a FREE copy of Killing the Man, the predecessor to The Killing Face: Blind Edition. You'll need to read it anyway in order to be caught up, so why not do it for free.


So let it rip and tell me which one you like better. Thanks and happy holidays.



It’s 1999 and Noah Bell stands high in the hierarchy of Chicago, a crown prince of the city. His desire to bring harmony among whites, blacks and all other races makes him a man to admire. His efforts to bring a young black detective to the Chicago Police Department earns him a specific kind of loyalty.


Then Bell is murdered, the victim of a vicious gang beating.


Detective “Arch” White is forever indebted to Bell for championing his cause. His motivations for coming to Chicago are hidden underneath the surface, personal and intense. So when he’s handed his first case - Noah Bell - his life is put in the crosshairs. The media and political pressure to resolve Bell’s case is immense, but as Arch digs deeper, he starts to uncover a trail of evidence that contradicts initial impressions and public speculation.

His chase will take him from the heights of Chicago, to the shiny lights of a small town called Grand Haven, where eerily similar events hide the truth he seeks.



In 1999, Detective “Arch” White - young, black and proud - walks into the Chicago Police Department as the victor in a lawsuit to earn his badge. It also earns him many enemies along the way but his champion, his shield, is Noah Bell, a crown prince in the social hierarchy.


Bell is the man who will bring harmony to a racially segregated city, a universally admired saint working to make the world a better place for black, white and everyone in between.


But when Bell is found murdered, the victim of a vicious gang beating, Arch is handed the case. He owes Bell justice and avengement, to prove that a great man was not killed by the very people he served. But as the rookie detective digs into the facts, he uncovers a deeper plot in which Bell merely served as a pawn.

His chase for the truth will bring him into the orbit of others intent on changing the world for the new millennium. And these people like to kill.

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